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Senior ProStaff

You won't find a larger collection of dog-training talent than the SportDOG® ProStaff. Our team is made up of professionals from across the U.S. and Canada. Retrievers, pointing dogs, hounds ... regardless of the type or breed of sporting dog, you'll find decades of combined experience among our specialists. While this team represents many different training philosophies, there's one constant they rely on: the quality and reliability of SportDOG products.

Charlie Jurney
Chris Akin
Derek Randle
Fred Hassen
Jerry R. Moore
Kim Bishop
LTC Jim Morehouse
Lyle Steinman
Rick Grant
Shawn Kinkelaar
Tom Dokken

Upland ProStaff

Aaron Robinson
Ben Busby
Ben Garcia
Bret Wonnacott
Brice Morris
Christopher Dunlap
Craig Leair
Ed Bolton
Ed Bullard
Gary Sheffer
Joe Pausha
Kirk Moffitt
Matt Mates
Mike Tracy
Patrick Flanagan
Tony Nickerson
Vern Nowell

Waterfowl Hunting ProStaff

Andy Fontenot
Baker McCool
Billy Mosley
Bob D. Strong, DVM
Bradley Bradshaw
Brett Copeland
Brian Szczech
Chris Jobman
Chris Scott
Clint Johnson
Colby Williams
Dana Giovannello
David Combs
David Molyneaux
David Robertson
David Siple
Derek Beard
Don White
Doug Williams
Ed Gover
Eric Bartlett
Greg McGuffin
Jack Gimpel
Jay Ahling, Sr.
Jon-Michael Rull
Jude De’Niese
Justin Beall
Lynne Frady
Mike Simmons
Mike Wieben
Next Generation GunDog Training
Pete Lochner
Scott Baldwin
Tab Smith
Tom Herman
Tracy Hayes

Hound Hunting ProStaff

Ashley Hopkins
Bob Ford
Chace McCaskill
David Dial
Jed Finley
Jeffrey Wood
Nathan Fields
Nick Gilliland
Perry Ross

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