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Jon-Michael Rull

Indianapolis, Indiana


A dream was born one day in 2006 when Jon-Michael started watching a TV show that featured retrievers picking up bumpers from an incredible distance and taking hand signals to get to a desired location. From there, Jon-Michael decided he wanted to get a dog that could do just that! Four years later, he had trained (3x)GRHRCH Rull's Droppin' Ducks in Decoys MH and Deke had received a 16th, eighth and then fourth place finish in the SRS - and TV time. Since then, he has trained over 25 dogs for hunting and hunt tests, teaching retrievers and their owners to achieve many titles and success in the field.

Raised in Danville, Illinois, Jon-Michael joined the Air Force and has been on active duty since 2000. He has been stationed in Idaho, Alaska, South Dakota, Illinois and currently in Indianapolis, Indiana, with his wife, Amanda. He has had the opportunity to train dogs all across the country; his passion is hunting for waterfowl with a well-trained retriever.

Why I Use SportDOG Brand

I have learned that quality, yet affordable equipment, is key to a successful training environment. With this in mind, SportDOG Brand is a STANDOUT. I have been very pleased with the workmanship of the products, and SportDOG proves to be worth the investment EVERYTIME, holding up extremely well in the field.

Favorite Products

There are two products that will never leave my trailer. The first would have to be my SportDOG 2525 Series E-Collar; I need a system that works every time in all types of conditions. The controller is a simple design, fits well in your hand and the buttons are all in the right places. This allows for corrections at the right time.

The second product is the SportDOG Launcher system. This system is well built and designed. The power behind this is a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that has more than 80 hours of battery life and three attention sounds, so you have the ability to customize your training setups. This system is the one for me!

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