Brice Morris

Marengo, IA


Brice Morris is an avid upland bird hunter and trainer of gun dogs known for high scores in walking field trials due to a well-planned and positive training program. Brice provides training and guiding services for a premier hunting lodge in the upper Midwest and mentors youth as well as adults in his passion for the outdoors. Specializing in positive retrieve training for pointing breeds, Brice has also been successful in training flushers and retrievers for upland hunting for the past 10 years. Brice holds personal training times for his clients and their dog as well as public seminars for breed and corporate events.

Brice finds reward in watching a puppy develop into a finished dog that anyone would be proud to follow in the field. Morris Kennels has trained dogs from all over the United States including New York, Missouri, South Dakota, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kansas, North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa. Morris Kennels is a reputable licensed kennel by the state of Iowa as a training, boarding, and breeding facility. Brice enjoys quality time with his family: wife Shawna, daughter Shannon, and son Brock. The Morris family understands that raising quality English Pointers, training client’s dogs, and general care of dogs is not just a career, but also a lifestyle.

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I like the ease of use that SportDOG Brand® offers to the hunter.

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I like the SD-1825


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