Chace McCaskill

Elmore, Oklahoma


I have been active in competition raccoon hunting for the past nine years. I started when I was 12 years old. Most have a previous family member that hunted before them, I was the first to hunt in my family. All my family members are hunters, but none have taken up the sport of competition raccoon hunting like I have. Some of the major accomplishments I’ve had with my hounds are: PKC Truck Hunt winner, PKC National Leader, PKC Reserve National Champion, CHKC Youth World Champion, Fourth Place in the CHKC World Championship.

Why I Use SportDOG®

This answer is simple, the reliability and customer care of their products can’t be beat. Their supply of hound equipment is without a doubt “Gear the Way You’d Design It.” Their support staff is also very quick and helpful if a problem ever occurs.

Favorite Products

TEK 2.0 is the best tracking device on the market yet. It’s on my dog every time it is turned loose.

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