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Charlie Jurney

Piedmont, NC


Charlie Jurney has been training performance and hunting dogs for more than 30 years. During that time he has produced hundreds of titled dogs including Grand Hunting Retriever Champions, Hunting Retriever Champions, Master Hunters, Grand Master Hunting Retriever Champions, and Master Hunting Retrievers. His writings have been featured in The Retriever Journal, Just Labs, The Pointing Dog Journal, and numerous other specialty journals. Charlie and his personal dogs have led many folks through their training programs with videos like “Game Dog,” “Gun Dog,” and “Water Dog.” He’s also used his training experiences to complete his own training manual, Finished Dog, which has become a favorite for the amateur trainer.

Why I Use SportDOG Brand

I use SportDOG Brand products because they work. Period.

Favorite Products

My favorite products are the Remote Launcher System and the SD-1825.


Articles by Charlie Jurney

Charlie Jurney kneeling by yellow lab holding white plastic dummyCharlie Jurney kneeling by yellow lab holding white plastic dummy

Training Commands: Talk Less, Reinforce More

No matter how good our intentions, we hunters and dog trainers as a whole commit one error that sets our training progress back and creates additional problems. We commit this error over and over again, and it’s vitally important to recognize it and fix it. What am I talking about?...

Two black lab puppies in the waterTwo black lab puppies in the water

Where to Find a Dog with the Right Stuff - Part 2

In Part 1 of this article series, I discussed purchasing a puppy and considering bloodlines. Now we'll dig into the best breeder and how to pick the right litter. The most reasonable way to locate a well-bred puppy for yourself is by doing a great deal of research. Ask each breeder...

Yellow lab swimming next to two duck decoys returning from a retrieveYellow lab swimming next to two duck decoys returning from a retrieve

Don't Forget to Introduce Your Duck Dog to Decoys

In our excitement to build a retriever into a top-notch waterfowl dog, it’s easy to forget small but important details. For example, your dog might make you proud when he completes a long retrieve. But the first time you ask him to swim through four dozen decoys to retrieve a...

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