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Bret Wonnacott

Sunset, Utah


The first time my childhood eyes saw a bird dog on point, I was hooked. A dog frozen in time, nostrils flaring, mouth tasting the scent of the bird that he lives for, and yet resisting by instinct the urge to pounce and flush was the most fascinating and beautiful thing I had ever seen. My father was a breeder of German Shorthair Pointers. And I was raised around lots of his puppies. I loved fooling around with them and trying to get them learn very basic commands. The second I was in a situation where I could have a dog of my own I started a pup. I have lived a lifestyle that is all about bird dogs, bird hunting, and waterfowling ever since. I now live in Sunset, Utah with my wife Angie and our NSTRA Champion English setters. I enjoy writing about my hunting experiences on my blog Setter Tails and Mallard Curls.

I have earned five Utah State Duck Calling Championships, and have represented my home state five times at The World Championship Duck Calling Contest in Stuttgart, Arkansas. I live my life to share the passion and happiness that bird hunting has brought to my life with others so that they might get some of the joy from this lifestyle as I have. I enjoy helping people, especially first timers train their dogs. I love helping someone get more out of their dog than they ever thought possible, and teaching them so that they can do more training themselves. Helping spread the joy of training a good dog, this is what makes my world turn.

Why I Use SportDOG Brand

I love SportDOG products because they are simply functional. So many other products I have tried are difficult to use and offer little in the way of customer support. SportDOG products are built for guys like me that use them hard nearly every day during the hunting season and then into trial season, and SportDOG's customer support is second to none.

Favorite Products

My favorite product for hunting is the TEK 2.0 GPS + E-Collar. It has been a game changer for me and not only gives me piece of mind knowing where my dogs are, but has actually put more birds in the bag. For training, the practical, light weight, and easy to use SportHunter® 1825 training collar has been absolutely perfect.

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