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Ben Garcia believes there is one secret to dog training: "Know where you want to go and where you want your dog to finish." Ben says that goal is the key to develop your best friend in the field.  With this in mind, Ben treats every dog as an individual, which he believes has led to his success as a trainer. With over 400 field trial wins and 15 Field Champions, it's safe to say that Ben knows how to develop winners. Even with all of these accolades, Ben believes his biggest success is his training of hunting dogs for their owners. Ben trains from border to border and coast to coast. His kennels are occupied by almost every breed of hunting dog. He has a special passion for training pointing and flushing dogs. Ben's kennel is located at Rocky Mountain Roosters outside of Colorado Springs so the dogs have the ability to train on thousands of birds a year! Ben says the most rewarding part of being a dog trainer is when the hunting season ends and the stories of how well the dogs did start coming in.

Why I Use SportDOG®

I use SportDOG for one reason: adaptability! With every kind of personality coming in we can adjust a unit within seconds and get to work! I love the fact I can call with questions and get an answer from someone with field experience. The passion SportDOG has for a support network that has the miles and mud on their hunting boots is unlike any other e-collar company.

Favorite Products

TEK 1.0 and SportHunter 1825

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