Bradley Bradshaw

North Carolina


Bradley was introduced to wild game hunting at 10 years old and has been passionate about it ever since. While Bradley works as a volunteer fireman, he also heads the duck hunting group DCWATERFOWL, which films hunting excursions to show fellow sportsmen the joys of waterfowl hunting.

He is married to his best friend, Brittany, and has two Labrador Retrievers, named Macie and Drake, who have been raised and trained from puppies.

Why I Use SportDOG®

I like SportDOG Brand because of its durability on the training field and in the hunting environment. They will take anything you throw at it and still continue to work.

Favorite Products

I am currently using the SD-400 CAMO collar. I have tried many other collars out there and none have come close in comparing to it.

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