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Beagle being quiet with bark collar on. Barn in the background.Beagle being quiet with bark collar on. Barn in the background.

5 Reasons To Use The SportDOG Brand® NoBark SBC-R Collar

Posted by The SportDOG Staff

Let’s face the facts … dogs bark!

For most dog owners, barking is considered a norm. However, there are a variety of circumstances and situations in which owners seek out ways to correct this behavior. Most commonly, owners look for assistance through the use of an electronic bark-control collar.

Leading the way in innovation and reliability, the SportDOG® line of NoBark collars are trusted dog owners, and professional dog trainers, worldwide.

Whether you’re looking to correct excessive barking in your kennel runs, or simply return some peace and quiet back to your home, here are 5 reasons why the NoBark SBC-R collar might be right for you.

Features The Best Technology Available

The SportDOG NoBark SBC-R has been designed to put customizable control in the hands of dog owners. Whether you’re looking to correct excessive barking in your kennel runs, or simply return peace and quiet back to your home, the SBC-R quickly determines your dog’s unique bark and filters out all the rest by using Silent Partner™ technology to provide the most superior bark detection offered.

Leading other competitive models with its 3 training modes, 10 levels of static stimulation, and easy to navigate OLED display, the SBC-R has been engineered with both the dog and owner in mind. These advanced features, plus the collars ergonomic design make operation and adjustments of the collar extremely simple and intuitive. Whether set in Temperament Learning, Progressive Correction, or User-Selected mode, the SBC-R can be adapted to match any dog’s temperament. In addition, it’s waterproof and submersible, has a long-life rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, and user-changeable probes for customization to dogs with short or long coats, making the SBC-R a bark-control collar unlike any other on the market.


By that, we mean there’s no direct association with the stimulation or “stim” transmitted from the collar and the actions of the owner/trainer. Unlike using a leash or tapping the dog’s rear end with a heel stick when teaching the sit command, the bark-control collar operates without the need of owner involvement. Essentially, it provides the dog with two choices – continue barking and receive another correction, or remain quiet and no correction is given. The NoBark SBC-R is one of only a few training tools with the ability to correct unwanted behavior on its own.

Stops Barking In Your Home

Depending on a variety of elements, some dogs bark more than others. Regardless of the circumstances, constant barking from a dog is not a desired trait. That’s especially true for dogs that seem to bark at virtually anything, at any time. For those situations, the NoBark SBC-R is the perfect tool. When used correctly, it negates this unwanted behavior in the most effective manner possible. For most owners and their neighbors, dogs that constantly bark are considered a nuisance. By using the SBC-R no-bark collar, you are able to maintain silence in your home … your family and neighbors will thank you.

Great For Multiple Dog Owners

This is especially true for professional trainers who interact with multiple dogs at the same time, or hunters with more than one dog in their kennel run. The SBC-R can help maintain a sense of calmness over your pack. When transitioning between dogs during drills, trainers agree that the SBC-R keeps dogs composed and relaxed, meaning they are less likely to over exert themselves or disrupt the teaching process for others. The same can hold true for the standard household with 2 or more dogs. In most cases, there always seems to be one dog whose mission is to rile up the rest by barking as much as possible. By using the SBC-R in these circumstances, owners are able to prevent the instigator from having an adverse reaction on the other dogs. This simple feat can go a long way in helping to maintain a positive atmosphere in the home or kennel, while also enhancing the dog’s ability to repeat acceptable behavior in the future.

Helps Dogs Associate With Surroundings

Dog trainers agree that the NoBark SBC-R can help promote positive results in everything from crate training to housing multiple dogs under one roof. Whatever the situation, proper use of the SBC-R enables dogs to become accurately adjusted to their environment. A constantly barking dog is an agitated dog. Once agitated, the dog’s ability to focus and to learn new commands is severely limited. By promoting harmony with its surroundings, the owner is able to keep their dog happy, engaged, and in the right state of mind.

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