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Shawn Kinkelaar

Effingham, IL


Shawn Kinkelaar was born and raised in the town of Effingham in central Illinois. Kinkelaar grew up hunting quail and pheasant over pointing dogs with his grandfather and uncle. He began field trialing in the early 1980s and in the late 1980s he began working for and with several of the top shooting dog trainers in the country. Thus, developing a program that is an accumulation of, not only his own training methods, but also those of fellow trainers that he was fortunate enough to work with as well.

Kinkelaar is now one of only two men in the history of Open Horseback Championships to win more than 100 championships. He has also won more National Dog of the Year Awards than any other trainer, which consists of eight awards won by four different dogs. He has also won three English Setter National awards and three National Handler of the Year awards. His training and competition has allowed him to cover a span of nearly all of the United States and a large majority of Canada.

Why I Use SportDOG Brand

I use SportDOG Brand® because it’s a product that’s made for the average outdoor enthusiast. It’s easy to use, affordable and the company will do anything they can to provide great customer service in a personal and friendly way.

Favorite Products

My favorite product is the TEK 1.0, and I’ve been using it since it first hit the market. I never let my dog out in an outdoor setting without it. I also use the rechargeable bark collars for all of my dogs.


Articles by Shawn Kinkelaar

Dog runing through tall grassDog runing through tall grass

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English Setter Running Through FieldEnglish Setter Running Through Field

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