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Kim Bishop

Cedar Mountain, NC


Born and raised in the mountains of western North Carolina, Kim Bishop, along with his wife Kirsten, own K&K Kennels. Kim has been competition hunting with hounds since the age of 18, has made four UKC and three AKC World appearances, and has many titles under his belt, including four Grand Nite Champions. Kim and Kirsten now reside in Cedar Mountain, NC where Kim has owned a successful grading business for the past 23 years.

Why I Use SportDOG Brand

I use SportDOG Brand for the reliability of the product, which aids in the better performance of my hounds and also assures their safety. During major coon hound events, I am able to help people with the product and give them my personal opinion and let them know how much I trust the product.

Favorite Products

My favorite SportDOG products are the SD-3225 and the TEK 2.0. I find these two products most efficient for the demands of coon hound training.

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