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Jude De’Niese

Stayner, ON CA


Jude De'Niese is the owner and head trainer at High Tide Retrievers, Jude has trained and competed with dogs in CKC AKC and UKC events, titling dogs for clients in Canada and the United States. Jude teaches people how to train and maintain dogs that not only work at a very high standard, but also look great while they are working. He is a very passionate water fowler and hunts in some of the most demanding conditions, and trains dogs to deal with anything and everything they encounter. In the past Jude has trained and worked with dogs for detection and protection work, for some of the most demanding and scrutinizing police forces.

Why I Use SportDOG Brand

Reliability is the number one reason I use SportDOG Brand. I know I can rely on the product when I am training, I never have to second guess if the battery is going to last all day, if the collar going to work or if it’s going to have a glitch. I want a product that I can take off the charger and go training and never have to think about it and that's exactly what SportDOG brand collars and transmitter have given me peace of mind.

Favorite Products

I would have to say I have two products that I hope I have in my training arsenal for a long time. The first would have to be my SportDOG 1825 series E-Collar, I don't think I could ever go to another collar and be satisfied I love the ability to change my collars capabilities with the simple push of a button, so I can have exactly what I need for that particular situation.

The second product would have to be SportDOG’s remote launcher system. The ability to run 9 launchers with one receiver is amazing and makes my day a lot easier as a trainer and allows me to have more flexibility and training options.

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