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Jerry R. Moore

Springhill, LA


Jerry R. Moore offers dog training, boarding, and grooming at his facility, along with the dog food Circle J Extreme Dog Fuel. Jerry has 24 years of dog training experience, including training for and participating in AKC hunt tests. He has titled several UKC and AKC dogs and trained police drug dogs for certification.

Why I Use SportDOG Brand

I was unhappy with the Tri-Tronics collar I was using. I love the new SportDOG units, especially the new SD-1825 and SD-1825CAMO models.

Favorite Products

I like the SD-1825 WetlandHunter® for a lot of reasons. It’s a two-dog collar, it comes in camo, and its new shape is easy to grip. I also like the fact that I can clip it on my belt or hang it on a lanyard.


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