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Black lab returning through water with jumbo black and white dummy in mouthBlack lab returning through water with jumbo black and white dummy in mouth

Spring Training for Your Gun Dog

Posted by The SportDOG Staff

The warm weather is upon us and the dogs are no longer content to spend time inside. It’s time to be working and getting ready for season. Polar vortexes may have limited your ability to be out this winter, so it’s very important to be out now enjoying the sunshine and time with your favorite hunting partner. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your spring training.

Get in the Water – Spring provides an opportunity to get in the water work harsh winters won’t allow. Water work is important for a waterfowl dog, but often over looked for upland and hound dogs. While navigating the current may not be a necessity for these dogs, all dogs benefit from time in the water. It’s a great form of exercise and an obstacle most dogs will encounter in the field or woods.

Amp Up Cardio – A hunting dog’s day is physically demanding when season hits. Make sure your dog is ready by focusing on cardio now. Swimming, running, and long walks (preferably through a field or on a hike as too much time on asphalt can hurt your dog’s pads) are all great forms of exercise for your dog. For an optimal season, get out there with him or her. You’re dog isn’t the only athlete in the field. Make sure you’re also at your physical best so you both can enjoy the most out of your hunting season.

Get the Diet Right – A decrease in activity probably means you’ve cut down your dog’s food intake. It’s time to rev that back up with increased physical demands of spring training. This does not mean that you need to give your dog full privilege to gorge. Increase the food supply as physical demand increases. If your dog put on some pounds in the down time, leave the food level where it is even though activity is increasing and monitor your dog’s weight for a few weeks to see if this levels out. To further amp your dog’s nutrition routine check out our Canine Athlete nutrition supplement line.

Check Your Gear – You can’t be in the field hunting or training with faulty gear. Get ready for season, and make sure your gear is fully charged and working properly. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your systems, check out some of the new features available on the market today. For basic training, we recommend our FieldTrainer® line of products. They’re the smallest system on the market today while still offering all the latest and greatest features at a very affordable price.

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