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SportDOG® Sportsmans Warehouse Introduce Hunters Waterfowling Conservation


Waterfowl Weekend, which Sportsman's Warehouse has hosted at numerous store locations for several years, is an educational event featuring major waterfowling personalities and representatives from the most prominent companies in the waterfowl industry. In 2007, events were held at 15 store locations in 14 states.

According to Dave Ball, co-coordinator of Waterfowl Weekend, a major goal of the events is to recruit new hunters into the exciting world of waterfowling.

"We've tried to make these events focused on youth education and waterfowl conservation," Ball said. "Getting youngsters involved is a key to the future of the sport and, of course, conservation efforts."

"Also, our calling contest, which was held at four locations in conjunction with Waterfowl Weekend, is geared toward youth and novice contestants. Our goal is to help attract a whole new generation of callers to the sport."

SportDOG Brand® sent personnel to Waterfowl Weekend events to meet customers, receive product feedback, and learn more about local conservation efforts. Lance Tracy, SportDOG Brand® Director, said such experiences help the company keep in touch with their customers in a unique way.

"Being able to meet and greet our customers, answer their questions in person, discuss conservation ideas, and share the excitement of waterfowling - that's what makes it so enjoyable to be in this business," Tracy said. "The people at SportDOG own sporting dogs and hunt with them. We are passionate about conservation as it relates to waterfowl habitat and populations. We are excited and proud to be part of this event."

"It is our sponsors who make these events happen," Ball added. "With their support we are able to advertise the events more widely and help us run a real quality calling contest."

About SportDOG Brand - SportDOG® Brand is owned by Radio Systems Corporation®, a manufacturer of electronic dog-training gear and accessories, based in Knoxville, Tennessee. SportDOG product lines include training e-collars, GPS tracking and training systems, bark-control collars, containment systems, launcher electronics and other training aids.

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