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Alaskan Sled Dog Champion Jeff King Signs Endorsement For Canine Athlete


Knoxville, Tenn. (August 26, 2011) – SportDOG Brand®, a leading manufacturer of sporting dog training gear and accessories, has signed Alaskan sled dog champion Jeff King to an endorsement deal promoting the company’s Canine Athlete performance products.

King, who has won the 1,049-mile Alaskan Iditarod race four times – more than any other musher – is uniquely qualified to understand the benefits of quality canine supplements. He has logged more than 100,000 miles by dog sled over the past 20 years, and today trains and maintains a team of 30 Alaskan huskies. He relies on Canine Athlete products to keep his team running at peak performance. “The supplements provided are now a daily part of the feeding and care program” said King. “An exciting welcome to SportDOG to our list of cherished sponsors.”

Canine Athlete products comprise six formulas that support sporting and working dog health:

  • Hydration – A blend of vitamins and minerals that aid metabolic function for endurance and normal recovery.
  • Performance Vitamins – To support and maintain physical and mental development, energy and stamina.
  • Senior Aches – For senior dogs and those experiencing stiffness, sore muscles and joints due to exercise and normal activity
  • Adult Hip/Joint – Maintains healthy joints, cartilage, tendons and synovial fluid.
  • Digestive Enzymes – A blend of five digestive enzymes, plus a pre- and pro-biotic to aid digestion and support an overall healthy digestive tract
  • Performance Bars – Readily digestible source of critical nutrients for use before, during and after exercise.

“Considering that dog mushing across Alaska is likely the most extreme task you could ask of a working dog, I can’t think of a better endorser for our products than Jeff King,” said Lance Tracy, SportDOG Brand’s Vice President. “Jeff obviously understands better than most what it takes to keep his team of ultimate athletes doing what they love, and doing it well.”

King and his family make their home at Goose Lake, just south of the entrance to Alaska’s Denali Park. Jeff and his team will be going for a fifth Iditarod win in March 2012. For more information, visit

For more information on SportDOG Brand products, visit

About SportDOG Brand - SportDOG® Brand is owned by Radio Systems Corporation®, a manufacturer of electronic dog-training gear and accessories, based in Knoxville, Tennessee. SportDOG product lines include training e-collars, GPS tracking and training systems, bark-control collars, containment systems, launcher electronics and other training aids.

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