Hunting & Training Tips


Hunting & Training Tips
How To Choose An E-Collar For Retriever Training

by Charlie Jurney

Opinions on the right way to choose and use a remote electronic collar for retriever training are as varied as the countless training methods used to create a top-notch waterfowl dog. I’ve been...

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Using the TEK 2.0 in the Big, Wide Open

by Ben Garcia

Hunting with English setters, English Pointers and Brittany spaniels provides me with a lot of variety in my bird hunting. I want my dogs to cover lots and lots of ground, so I really let them...

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TEK 2.0: Voice Feature

by Jeffrey Wood

The SportDOG Brand TEK 2.0 e-collar and tracking unit has turned out to be a fantastic addition to my training tools. I train my Mountain Curs hard year round. During the hottest summer days, I...

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TEK 2.0 Improves Grouse Hunting Success

by Steve Grossman

The TEK 2.0 from SportDOG Brand® has turned out to be a real difference-maker in my grouse and woodcock guiding in northern Minnesota. I admit I wasn’t always a fan of using a tracking product,...

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How to Match Your E-Collar to Your Hunting Conditions

by Tom Keer

One of my dogless hunting buddies lives in the city. He's the guy who has all the new gadgets. I kidded him about all his new toys and he tried to explain it like this; he said he’s an “early...

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Proper Introduction to the E-Collar

by Chris Akin

The e-collar is an amazing tool. It can fine-tune a dog, extend your control, and even save an animal’s life. But here’s the thing: You must understand what it is. It is not a magic bullet. I call...

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Summer Hazards – 5 Precautions for your Hunting Dog

Summertime means extra fun in the sun, but it also means some new dangers. These tips will help make sure you and your hunting partner stay safe in the field: Increased Hydration – Warmer weather...

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5 Reasons to Own a Hunting Dog

If you already own a hunting dog you know there are a million reasons to do so. If it's a decision you've been debating, we've pooled our TOP 5 REASONS why should go ahead and pull the trigger...

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How In-Ground Fences Help with Hunting Dogs

In-Ground containment fences are becoming more and more popular among dog owners, and for good reason: they allow your dog to enjoy freedom in the yard without the expense, hassle, and eye sore of...

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Hunting with Kids

Hunting with kids is an entirely different animal. There are two very important things we must all remember. First, it’s all about the kids, not you. Second, no matter how mature you think a kid...

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Hunting Hack: Save Space and Time

Hunting is a very bulky sport. We require a lot of equipment a lot of equipment both in the field and in training our dogs. All of it can be cumbersome to keep up with for a normal household. Space...

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Where to Start with a Finished Dog

I get clients from time to time that want a dog that is already well on its way to being trained. They don’t want to go through puppyhood and all the pleasures of house breaking, chewing,...

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