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Because it takes more than just field work to train the perfect hunting dog, we have an entire line of e-collars designed for home, field, and yard training.

Scents & Kits

We offer Upland and Waterfowl training kits to provide everything you need to start your hunting dog training program. Our Duck and Pheasant scents are perfect to pair with our canvas training dummies.

Whistles & Lanyards

We offer a complete line of dog training whistles and lanyards. The Roy Gonia® dog whistle collection offers superior quality in a wide range of pitch options and frequencies to meet all your gun dog training needs.


Our training dummies are designed to complement any gun dog training program. We offer a variety of colors for throwing against any background. Our canvas dummies readily hold game scent and are weighted for easy throwing. The knobs on our plastic dummies are specially designed to prevent hard mouth.

Remote Launchers

Simulate real world hunting conditions by training with dummy and game bird Launchers and accessories. The new SportDOG Brand® Launcher System lets you remotely control the launch of birds or training dummies from up to 1/2-mile away.

Training Aids

Any good dog training program starts with obedience drills. Our training chain provides quick and precise correction and is excellent for teaching basic training commands. We also offer a high visibility check cord and heel stick for field and obedience training.

Gear The Way You'd Design It