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Eric Bartlett

Hollis, ME


Living in rural Maine alongside the Saco River, waterfowling became a passion that started Eric on a road of working retrievers. Surrounding towns offered ample training grounds on which he began to build his understanding of how to teach a retriever to be a champion.

Being a bit more than an avid waterfowler, he got involved with local dog and DU clubs. It was at this point he began to see a certain direction he wanted to go in, and it was undoubtedly around dogs and waterfowling. Watching a sunrise with man’s best friend never gets old, no matter how cold it seems to get.

Now Eric is an Avery Outdoors Pro Staffer and runs an HRC club, so he trains daily, hosts several events a year, and works with numerous people in getting their dogs to a higher level of performance.

Why I Use SportDOG Brand

I use SportDOG Brand collars because of their innovative technology to make a better, easier-to-use collar that fits any trainer and their own personal level of experience. I use SportDOG because of its larger comfortable feel and easy access to buttons while I am training. In the field I prefer the SportDOG due to being more compact and easy access when I am hauling gear.

Favorite Products

WetlandHunter 1825 (SD-1825CAMO)

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