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David Robertson


It all started with a yellow female that was owned by my Aunt and Uncle. They decided they couldn’t keep her due to the amount of energy she had. I was beside myself when they let me take her home.

Once we got home we went straight to work! Missing parties, dinners, events. I was eaten up with it! She turned out to be the best young man responsibility / hunting companion!! She made me a man.

Friends started asking me to help and take their dogs to get ready for duck season. Once I blinked we were a full time training facility that keeps 18-26 dogs at a time! We train high end gun dogs plus hunt test dogs! We participate in UKC and AKC events throughout the year!

Why I Use SportDOG Brand

We use SportDOG Brand because it’s the best out there. No other products can match the day-to-day grind that we endure everyday! We use the 2525 and 1825 collars everyday!! They never let us down! We recommend every client to SportDOG collars when they come and pick up their pup! We also use the SportDOG electronics for our remote launchers we use everyday.

Rock Steady Retrievers is a proud user of SportDOG and always will be!

Favorite Products

SD-2525 and SD-1825

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