Chris Akin

Jonesboro, AR


Chris has spent most of his life duck hunting or training in the field. Over the years, his program evolved into one of the most accomplished hunt test programs in the country. Webb Footed Kennels, Inc. has produced over 300 Hunting Retriever Champions, 100 Master Hunters, and 31 Grand Hunting Retriever Champions. They have also trained over 3,000 duck dogs and family companions.

Why I Use SportDOG™ Brand

I have been with SportDOG Brand® since 2003. Since that time I have watched SportDOG grow from a fairly young company to one of the leading e-collar producers in the business. Their products were designed by trainers and hunters who knew how to develop a high-quality, reliable, and durable e-collar. It is what we use at Webb Footed Kennels, Inc. on a daily basis.

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ProHunter 2525

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