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Justin Beall

Cairo, GA


I started my training career in high school, throwing birds for a field trial trainer, little did I know that he was leading me on the path to my future. I have been training dogs now for the past 7 years, but I have been around dogs my entire life. I grew up around retrievers, but it wasn't until college that I found out that I had a passion for training. I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2010 with a Bachelors in Forestry and Masters in Wildlife Management. My education and childhood experience gave me the ability to read dogs and adapt my training to fit each and every dog's need that comes through our kennel. I have trained multiple Hunting Retriever Champions, Master Hunters, qualified all ages of dogs and competed in the Grand Hunting Retriever Championship.

I have trained with many professionals around Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina, attended seminars, and continuing to increase my knowledge of training retrievers every day. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it's that you’ll never know everything when it comes to dog training. Every dog you come into contact with is going to present you with a new obstacle and challenge. It is my experience, knowledge, and ability to read animals that allows me to be successful. I praise God for the gifts he’s blessed me with and look forward to the many new dogs I’ll meet and friendships I’ll make in years to come.

Why I Use SportDOG Brand

I use SportDOG Brand equipment because I only use the best for my dogs. I’ve used all other training collars out there and SportDOG is by far the best. At my kennel, I need a collar that can meet the stimulation requirements of some of the softest dogs to the toughest. No other collar company has a collar that can do that. SportDOG truly cares about all breeds of dogs. The staff at SportDOG has gone out of their way to accommodate me and make sure I have what I need in order to be successful.

Favorite Products

My favorite piece of SportDOG Brand equipment is the SD-2525, this collar is one of the reasons for our success. It's ability to do low, medium, and high stimulation output on the collar itself, as well as on the transmitter, allows me to push dogs through our program that used to not be able to because our collar was ether too hot or too soft.

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