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Greg McGuffin

South Central Oklahoma


Greg McGuffin has been professionally training hunting dogs for 8 years. 3 years ago he and his family sold their house in Tulsa, Oklahoma and decided to dive head first into Retriever Training. They now live on the 2,000 acre family ranch in south central Oklahoma where Greg, his wife, their daughter (and her boyfriend), and two sons help train and care for the kennels. 3B Hunting Retrievers (Bailey, Brant, and Barrett… Greg's kids) offers training from basic obedience to finished level HRC dogs as well as sells ready-to-hunt gun dogs and puppies. Each year they participate in several HRC events and are proud members of the Texoma HRC Club.

He also marshals Super Retriever Series events across the United States, including the Huntsville Alabama SRS Classic, Huntsville Alabama Drake Waterfowl 4x4 Team Medley, and the 2011 Safari Club International Epic Outdoor Games. The experience gained from being part of the process and watching first hand as other trainers run their dogs on tests that he helped set up has given Greg knowledge and experience far beyond his years.

Greg has a strong passion and support of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. His wife Michelle and his mother are both breast cancer survivors. Michelle’s love for dogs and their companionship have given her strength in winning the battle against breast cancer. That strength shows in her commitment and dedication to the success of 3B Hunting Retrievers.

Why I Use SportDOG Brand

I use SportDOG Brand because it is reliable, accurate and consistent. It is essential when training that your corrections be timely and specific. With SportDOG Brand reception is exceptional and stimulation consistency is second to none. In addition these collars and transmitters are durable. We either train or hunt most every day of the year and I know my SportDOG™ electronics will perform every time under any conditions.

Favorite Products

I have used the SDFieldTrainer® 400 for years because of its reliability and affordability.

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