Training dummies for any terrain

Training dummies for any terrain

Choosing the Best Training Dummy

Our dummies come in white, orange, and 50/50 black and white. White dummies are the most visible, and are used for training young dogs to use their eyes over land or water. They’re also excellent for throwing against dark backgrounds. Orange dummies teach dogs to use their nose after reaching the area of a fall. These dummies work well on blind retrieves, because they are easy for the handler to see but are virtually invisible to the dog. Black and white dummies are good for throwing against all backgrounds. When it comes to size, puppy dummies are made for young hunting dogs who are just learning the ropes. Regular dummies are perfect for dogs who will hunt smaller game or dogs who are just getting started with dummy training. Plastic dummies are also available in Jumbo. They are about the same size as larger birds such as ducks and pheasants to help prepare your dog to transition from training with dummies to hunting the real thing.

Plastic Dummies

  • Available in regular and jumbo sizes; orange, white, and 50/50 Black and White colours
  • Tough yet soft vinyl - Floats
  • Knobs help prevent hard mouth
  • Valve for adjusting weight or firmness with air or water

Canvas Dummies

  • Versatile and durable - floats
  • For land or water training
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Orange colour for scent training