You need to know where your dog is at all times. SportDOG™ Brand can help you match the right tool to your situation. We offer visual tracking with our simple Locator Beacon, perfect for nighttime use. Audible tracking is provided by our Beeper Locator or our SportTrainer Accessory Beeper, both of which are proven favourites of pointing dog enthusiasts. For the ultimate in long-distance tracking, nothing compares to our super-advanced TEK systems, which use GPS technology for combined training and hunting.

Beeper & Beacons

SportDOG™ Brand beeper locator and locator beacons give you the best customisation to help you keep track of your dog in any terrain.

TEK Series

With the TEK Series, SportDOG™ Brand introduces the first combination GPS Tracking/E-Collar Training collar to hit the sporting dog market.