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How do I change the Boundary Width?

The Range Adjuster dial is located on the right side of the Fence Transmitter Unit if you are facing the unit. This dial allows you to choose the width of the boundary of the Warning and Stimulation Zones from 0-10. Set the Boundary Width as wide as possible to give your dog the widest Warning and Stimulation Zones without reducing the Boundary Area too much. Note: The Range Adjuster knob does not change the Stimulation Level. CAUTION: The Receiver Collar should NOT be on your dog when the system is being adjusted or your dog may receive an unintended stimulation.                               

To identify the Warning and Stimulation Zones after changing the Range Adjuster knob, make sure the Collar Receiver’s battery is properly installed, the Stimulation Level is set at 2 or above, and the Test Light contacts are held to the Contact Points. Walk toward the Boundary Wire holding the Collar Receiver at your dog’s neck level until the Receiver Collar beeps.     

If the Collar Receiver does not beep at the desired range, adjust the Range Adjuster knob to the desired setting. Turning the Range Adjuster knob clockwise increases the Boundary Width while turning it counterclockwise decreases it. Repeat this activity as needed until the Collar Receiver beeps at the desired distance from the Boundary Wire. Note: The Boundary Width is broken down into approximately 20% Warning Zone and 80% Stimulation Zone.

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