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Training Days 9-14 - Unleashed Supervision

Training sessions should start at 10-15 minutes, gradually increasing to over an hour. Your dog is ready for this step only when he clearly avoids the entire Boundary Flag line, regardless of any distractions or temptations. During this step, do not leave your dog unattended.

To give your dog free run of the Boundary Area off the leash.

Adjust the Collar Receiver to the permanent setting appropriate for your dog depending on his size and temperament.


  1. Enter the Boundary Area with your dog wearing the Collar Receiver.
  2. Walk around the garden and play with your dog, staying within the Boundary Area at all times.
  3. Preoccupy yourself with another task in the garden while watching your dog.
  4. Should your dog escape, take the Collar Receiver off or turn the system off at the Fence Transmitter and lead him back into the Boundary Area.

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