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Installation Step 1: Locate and Place the Fence Transmitter

Additional Items You May Need
(not including the items included with your system)

  • Additional wire and flags (Part# SDF-WF ) for covering more than 1/3 acre (system includes 152 metres of wire and 50 boundary flags)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill & mounting hardware
  • Shovel or lawn edger
  • Pliers
  • Wire stripping pliers
  • Scissors
  • Additional wire connectors
  • Ground rod and clamp
  • PVC pipe or water hose
  • Circular saw with masonry blade for burying wire in hard surfaces
  • Patching compound
  • Staple gun
  • Non-metallic collar and leash

Place the Fence Transmitter:

  • In a dry, well ventilated, protected area (1A).
  • In an area out of the weather (garage, basement, shed, closet).
  • Secured to a stationary surface using appropriate mounting hardware (not included). A mounting template is included on page 27 of your manual.
  • At least 0.9 metres from large metal objects or appliances as these items may interfere with the signal consistency (1B).
  • As close as possible to your home’s Grounding Electrode. This is required to keep the Ground Wire as short as possible.

Once you have mounted the Fence Transmitter, the Boundary Wire must exit the building. This can be accomplished via a window or through a 0.3 cm hole drilled through the wall. Ensure the drill path is clear of any utilities. Make sure the Boundary Wire is not cut off or pinched by a window, door, or garage door as this can damage it over time. To prevent fires and electrical hazards, install the Fence Transmitter in buildings that are in accordance with local electrical and building codes.

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