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How do I change the stimulation level?

  1. Remove the clear plastic cover with a coin to expose the Stimulation Level Button.
  2. With the battery installed, press the Stimulation Level Button and release when the Receiver Indicator Light lights up.
  3. The Receiver Indicator Light will emit a series of flashes representing the Stimulation Level. For example, 2 flashes = Stimulation Level 2.
  4. Increase the Stimulation Level by pressing and releasing the Stimulation Level Button within 5 seconds of the previous series of flashes.
  5. After setting the Stimulation Level, replace the cover to protect the Stimulation Level Button.
  6. The Stimulation Levels increase in strength from 1 to 5. Pushing the Stimulation Level Button while the Collar Receiver is on level 5 will cause the Collar Receiver to go back to level 1.
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