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Why is the Collar Receiver suddenly activating in areas where it never activated before?

There are several causes that could result in the Collar Receiver activating in unintended areas of your yard or home. To help find the cause of this type of unintended activation:

  1. Check the settings on the Fence Transmitter to make sure the Range Switch is set on LOW. The Fence Transmitter should only be set on the HI setting if the size of your Boundary Area is 30 acres or more, or if you have 4400 feet of wire or more in and around your Boundary Area. 
  2. Check the Range Adjuster Dial on the Fence Transmitter to see if it has accidentally been increased beyond what it had originally been set on when you installed and setup your system. Turn the Range Adjuster knob counterclockwise to decrease the distance from the Boundary Wire that the Collar Receiver activates and then retest to see if this has resolved the issue.
  3. Examine the area around your Fence Transmitter. Has the Fence Transmitter been moved recently or have any large metal objects, such as appliances or metal shelving, been moved near the Fence Transmitter? If so, move the Fence Transmitter away from any large metal objects and then retest to see if this resolves the issue.
  4. If the previous adjustments do not correct the issue, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-0144 for further troubleshooting assistance.
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