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Can I use the system with an existing fence?

Yes. The system can be used with an existing fence if you have a problem with a dog digging or jumping over a traditional fence. The Boundary Wire of the SportDOG Brand® In-Ground Fence™ System can be attached to a chain link fence, split rail fence, or a wooden privacy fence. The Boundary Wire can be attached as high as needed on the existing fence, however make sure the Boundary Width is set at a high enough width for the dog to receive the signal. (FIGURE 7A)

  • Chain Link Fence: Weave Boundary Wire through the links or use plastic quick ties.
  • Wooden Split Rail or Privacy Fence: Use staples to attach Boundary Wire. Avoid puncturing the insulation of the Boundary Wire.
  • Double Loop with an Existing Fence: Run Boundary Wire on top of the fence and return it on the bottom of the fence to get the three to five foot separation needed.
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