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Can I twist one wire to make a gate or safe area that my dog can cross?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot add a wire to the Boundary Wire to cancel out the signal, nor will twisting a Single Loop layout wire back on itself cancel the signal in that area. The only way to cancel the signal in a certain area of the Boundary Area is to install a Double Loop Layout (FIGURE 2F) and twist the two parallel boundary wires together in the area where you need the the signal to be cancelled.

Twisting the two parallel wires in the Double Loop Boundary Wire together cancels the signal in that area and allows your dog to cross over that area without receiving a correction, so this would not be ideal unless you are installing this layout in an area where there is existing fence, gate or other barrier and the signal is not needed to contain the dog.                                     

Additionally, the signal cannot be cancelled by running the wire through plastic or metal piping or burying the wire deeper in the ground in that area. Splicing or twisting shielded cable or an extra piece of wire to the Boundary Wire will also not cancel the signal.  If you are installing your Boundary Wire along an existing fence, you have the following options when you come to a Gate section:

  • Gate (Single Loop): Bury the Boundary Wire in the ground across the gate opening. Note: The signal is still active across the gate. Your dog cannot pass through an open gate.
  • Gate: (Double Loop) Bury both Boundary Wires across the gate opening while keeping them three to five feet apart. (FIGURE 7B) Note:  The signal is still active across the gate. Your dog cannot pass through an open gate.
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