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My Add-A-Beeper does not beep when the dogs are moving or when he is on point.

Check to see if the Add-A-Beeper has been turned on. Replace the CR123 3V battery to be sure that the beeper unit has the proper power. If using with a Remote Transmitter, press the Locate button (for the UplandHunter Remote Transmitter) or Tone button (for all other SportDOG Remote Trainers) as this cause the beeper to sound and will disable the run mode functions of the Add-A-Beeper. Then to enable the beeper run mode functions again, press and release the run mode button for the UplandHunter Remote Transmitter. The Add-A-Beeper should double beep to confirm receipt of signal. For non-UplandHunter Remote Transmitters, press and hold the Tone Button for 3 seconds.

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