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How do I test the unit to see if it is operational?

To avoid feeling the Correction yourself, never touch the two Contact Points simultaneously.

  1. Turn the Mode Switch to TEST.
  2. Hold the unit by the collar with the Indicator Light facing towards you and fit the Test Light Tool to the Contact Points. The unit should be within 6-10 inches of your mouth.
  3. Say “Test” loudly into the Sound Activated Sensor.
  4. The Indicator Light and Test Light Tool will flash three times to show that it is functioning properly.
  5. If the Indicator Light and/or Test Light Tool do not flash, ensure that the battery is properly installed, and/or replace the battery.  If the Indicator Light and/or Test Light Tool still do not flash, contact the Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-0144.
  6. Return the Mode Switch to Low before replacing the NoBark 18 on your dog.

Note: The TEST Mode is not intended for normal operation. If the NoBark 18 is left in TEST Mode while on your dog, it can cause false correction and may reduce battery life.

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