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Hunting & Training Tips

How You Helped Build TEK 2.0

by SportDOG Staff

Hunting season is upon us. Excitement is high for the whole hunting community, but we’d bet no one is quite as pumped as we are about what’s coming this season. TEK 2.0 will be hitting retailers near you this season! It’s hard to fully express how excited we are about this product. We’ve poured our blood, sweat and tears into making this product everything you wanted it to be, but our excitement is more than just the time, labor and love we’ve put into this system (which is lots…suffice it to say our families will be as happy as we are when TEK hits stores). The thing we are most excited about is that we were able to incorporate so much of what we heard from you all. If you’ve had any experience in engineering or manufacturing you know it can be a very difficult balance to get in everything you want in one system. Often, you’re forced to pick your consumers first priorities and sacrifice some of the “nice to haves”. Not this time folks. We listened to you and we slaved to bring everything you said you wanted into TEK 2.0. This is the epitome of Gear the Way You’d Design It®:

MAPS – You asked for TOPO maps and we’re delivering. We’ve partnered with Delorme to bring you 1:100,000 topo maps so you can not only see your dog, but the terrain at all times. It doesn’t stop there though. We’re taking the maps feature one step further and giving you lifetime updates for FREE. That’s right. You’ve got a lifetime supply of map updates at your fingertips.

Extended Range – You wanted more range, so we’re bringing you HOPTEK. This frequency hopping technology is the only one of its kind on the market. This provides inference immunity resulting in superior range for up to 10 miles.

Clearest Signal – You wanted the most accurate signal possible, so not only are we bringing you HOPTEK for interference immunity, we’re also introducing GPS+GLONASS for increased accuracy by capturing data from both satellite constellations.

Voice – You told us you loved having your dog visible on your handheld, but you wanted to spend your day in the field appreciating the hunt, not staring at your screen, so we’re introducing VOICE updates. You can get hands-free, real-time updates without ever looking at your handheld.

More to Track – A great insight we heard was not only that some people run bigger packs than the 12 dogs 1.0 could hold, but also that you want to be able to track your hunting partners. We heard you, and we agreed with you. TEK 2.0 is going to give you the ability to track up to 21 dogs OR hunters. The system can track another TEK 2.0 handheld with a different icon so you don’t confuse your hunting partner with a dog.

TEK 2.0 is going to offer all of these things and so much more. We’re excited to bring it to you this season, and we hope you’re excited to get a chance to use it.

Happy Hunting!

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