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Hunting & Training Tips


Hunting & Training Tips
Where to Find a Dog with the Right Stuff - Part 1

by Charlie Jurney

Each time someone calls to ask about locating a puppy, I have flashbacks to my first dog, Sam. I purchased Sam from a friend who had an athletic eager hunting dog. He decided to breed his girl to a...

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Where to Begin with Puppy Training

by The SportDOG Staff

There are several different things that need to be done for and with a new puppy. First and foremost make sure all pup’s shots are on time and up to date. Find a local veterinarian and set up...

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Talent Is Not Obedience

Whoa! Can your hunting dog “whoa” or stop on a dime? Does it always come when called? Will it turn on command or always sit or lie down when instructed? Will it gently deliver a bird to your hand...

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Spring Training

Spring is in the air, which means rabbit season is over in most parts of the country. So now what? I have a kennel full of Beagle rabbit hounds and no hunting, making this the perfect time to give...

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Gun Shy Dogs Can Blossom

Every dog training book will preach that you must be so very careful when introducing a young dog to the sight, and especially the sound of a shotgun, but rarely will they tell you how to cure a...

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Choosing a Hunting Dog Puppy
In this SportDOG Training Tip (originally aired on Pheasants Forever TV) SportDOG Brand Senior Pro Staffer Chris Akin walks you through selecting a puppy. Akin discusses the pros and cons of...

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Controlling Multiple Dogs

One of the questions I am asked most is, "how do you control so many hounds at once?" Well that's easy: you need a good multiple dog training system like the SportDOG Brand® HoundHunter® 3225 with...

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A Dog Ready for the Field

Hunting seasons are in full swing. In bird fields you can hear the cackle of a bold rooster taking wing, along with the hoarse voice of a hunter screaming at his dog as it chases the gaudy pheasant...

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