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My dog is not responding when I press a Stim Button.

  • Check to see if the GPS Collar with E-collar Module has been turned on and the Indicator Light is flashing. Make sure the collar is paired to your Handheld Device. From the My Collars Screen,select the collar for the dog. Select Pair Collar and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Check to see if your system is in Tracking Only Mode. From the Settings Screen, select General > Tracking Only. Ensure that No is selected.
  • Check to see if the E-collar is enabled for the dog and collar. From the My Dogs Screen, select the dog name. Ensure E-collar is set to Yes. From the My Collars Screen, select the collar. Ensure E-collar is set to Yes.
  • If your range has reduced from the first time you used the system, please check to see if the battery is low in either the Handheld Device or GPS Collar with E-collar Module.
  • Many factors can impact the range you have with the TEK Series 2.0 System. For a list of these factors, please refer to “HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS” on page 5.
  • You can verify the GPS Collar with E-collar Module is delivering static stimulation to your dog by placing the test light, enclosed in your kit, on the Contact Points. Please refer to “TEST LIGHT TOOL INSTRUCTIONS” on page 11 for details.
  • Increase the stimulation range. Refer to “STIM RANGE” on page 21 in the My Dogs section. • Make sure the Contact Points are placed snugly against your dog’s skin. Refer to “FIT THE GPS COLLAR OR GPS COLLAR WITH E-COLLAR MODULE” on page 15 for more information.
  • You may need to switch to the longer Contact Points included with your system or trim the hair beneath the Contact Points.
  • If you notice your operating time dropping to about half the original time, the GPS Collar with E-collar Module battery needs to be replaced. Contact us to order a replacement. Do not open the GPS Collar until you have received your replacement.
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