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SBC-10R-E- How do I change modes?

  • Turn the Receiver off and make sure it’s not flashing.
  • Turn the Receiver on by pressing and holding button → the Receiver will show the current display → the LED while light up solid red → continue to hold the button* and the unit will cycle through each of the modes  → release the button once the desired mode is lit up to select the mode → Receiver will flash 5 times in the colour of the mode selected, confirming your selection.
  • Note: When selecting mode you can also press and release button to get to the next mode instead of holding the button down. *User Selected Mode: When cycling through this mode the Receiver will cycle through all levels 0-9 before moving onto the next mode, Temperament Learning. *If you continue to push the button for more than 5 seconds, you will begin changing modes.
  • Modes:

           o Green – Temperament Learning Mode
           o Blue and Green – Progressive Stimulation
           o Blue – User Selected Stimulation. With this mode, you will see the stimulation level number change on the Receiver. Release the button when you get to the number you wish to use.

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