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Introduction to Training

Important: Be patient with your dog. Proper training of your dog is essential to the success of the SportDOG® Brand In-Ground Fence™ System. Read this section completely before beginning to train your dog. Remember that the SportDOG® Brand In-Ground Fence™ System is not a solid barrier.

  • Have fun with your dog throughout the training process. Training should be fun, fair, firm, and consistent.
  • Train for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Don’t try to do too much too quickly. More frequent short sessions are better than less frequent longer sessions.
  • If your dog shows signs of stress, slow down the training schedule, add additional days of training, or increase the amount of play time with your dog in the Boundary Area. Common stress signals include:
    • Dog pulling on leash toward the house
    • Ears tucked
    • Tail down
    • Body lowered
    • Nervous / frantic movement or stiffening of dog’s body
  • Your dog must be completely comfortable near the Boundary Flags at the end of every training session. Spend at least 5 minutes of 'play time' at the completion of each session within 3 metres of the Boundary Flags.
  • Finish each training session on a positive note with lots of praise and play.
  • Remove the Collar Receiver after each training session.
  • Be sure to contain your dog by another means during the training period (pen, tie-out, leash, etc.).
  • During training, if you need to take your dog out of the Boundary Area, remove the Collar Receiver and either pick your dog up or put him in the car to pass out of the Boundary Area.
  • Even if you think your dog is responding well to the training, complete the entire training. Reinforcement is important!
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