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Training Days 2-4- Continue Boundary Flag Awareness

Perform three sessions per day, each lasting 10-15 minutes.

To train your dog to stay in the Boundary Area and respect the boundary while you are outside of it.


  • Begin training with Stimulation Level 2 and only increase if your dog does not respond to the Stimulation.
  • Put a separate non-metallic collar on your dog’s neck ABOVE the Collar Receiver and attach a leash. CAUTION: Be sure the extra collar does not put pressure on the Contact Points.
  • Have tiny pieces of treats available.
  • Have your dog’s favourite play toy available.


  1. Repeat steps 1-4 in Phase One.
  2. Drop the leash, leaving your dog in the Boundary Area.
  3. Walk outside the boundary and wiggle the Boundary Flags facing your dog.
  4. Continue around the entire boundary doing this, tossing treats to your dog in the Boundary Area and praising him.
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