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Training Day 1- Boundary Flag Awareness

Perform three sessions on day 1, each training session lasting 10-15 minutes.

To have your dog learn that the Boundary Flags and warning beep from the Collar Receiver define the new Boundary Area.


  • Begin training with Stimulation Level 2 and only increase if your dog does not respond to the Stimulation.
  • Put a separate non-metallic collar on your dog’s neck ABOVE the Collar Receiver and attach a leash.
  • Be sure the extra collar does not put pressure on the Contact Points.
  • Have tiny pieces of treats that your dog will find desirable available.
  • Have your dog’s favourite play toy available.


  1. Begin by walking your dog on a leash in the Boundary Area. Calmly praise and talk to your dog, occasionally giving treats.
  2. Move toward the Boundary Flags (10A). Keep your mood happy and throw treats to the ground.
  3. With full control of your dog on a leash, toss a treat on the outside edge of the flags. As your dog enters the Stimulation Zone to receive the treat, he will begin to receive a mild Stimulation (10B). The longer your dog remains in the Stimulation Zone, the stronger the Stimulation will get.
  4. Allow him to stay in the Stimulation Zone for 2 seconds then gently help your dog back into the Boundary Area (10C). Immediately praise and offer him a treat as he enters the Boundary Area, even if you have helped with the leash. Wiggle a Boundary Flag to help your dog understand that the discomfort of the Stimulation happens around the flags.
  5. Repeat this process at the same Boundary Flag until your dog resists going into the Stimulation Zone.
  6. Aim to master 3-4 Boundary Flags per session. Make this FUN! Praise your dog if he quickly retreats or resists going into the Stimulation Zone.

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