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Installation Step 2: Lay Out the System


WARNING Underground cables can carry high voltage. Have all underground cables marked before you dig to bury your wire. In most areas, this is a free service. Avoid these cables when you dig.

  • The Boundary Wire MUST start at the Fence Transmitter and make a continuous loop back (2A).
  • Design a layout that is suitable for your garden. Sample layouts are provided on the following page, and a grid for designing your layout is provided on page 26 of your manual.
  • Always use gradual turns at the corners to produce a more consistent boundary (2B). Do not use sharp turns, as this will cause gaps in your boundary.
  • We recommend setting a Boundary Width for the Warning and Stimulation Zones to approximately 4.9 - 7.3 metres ( 2.4 - 3.7 metres on each side of the wire).
  • The Collar Receiver can be activated inside the house if the Boundary Wire runs along the outside wall of the house. If this occurs, remove your dog’s Collar Receiver before bringing him inside, decrease the range using the Range Adjuster or consider an alternative layout.

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