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My dog keeps barking and does not respond to the stimulation.

  • Test the collar by putting it in test mode and saying “Test” loudly into the speaker. The LED light should flash, meaning the collar is working properly. (SBC-18E NoBark™ 18 Bark Control only.)
  • Make sure the collar is properly placed high on your dog’s neck close to the ears with the contact points touching the centre of your dog’s neck.
  • Tighten the NoBark™ and make sure the contact points touch his skin. To make sure the collar fits properly, slide one finger between the end of the end of the contact point and your dog’s neck. The fit should be snug but not constricting.
  • Trim your dog’s hair where the contact points touch his neck to ensure good skin contact.
  • Charge the NoBark™.
  • Replace the battery.
  • If your dog still does not respond, contact us.
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