Brian Spini

Lane, KS


Brian has raised hunting beagles since 1989. From November through mid-March you can find Brian hunting with his son every weekend, or attending an AKC beagle field trials. He also hunts, and guides hunts, during most weekdays. Brian works his hounds year round in preparation for the five months of hunting.

Brian is a co-founder and President of The Eastern Kansas Beagle Club; they host AKC/SPO/UBGF beagle field trials. He also is a regular article contributor to The Rabbit Hunter, and Hounds and Hunting magazines.

Why I Use SportDOG®

I have used SportDOG Brand for more than 10 years; they have never let me down. The support I have received over the last few years from the ProStaff Managers has been second to none. The equipment has worked flawlessly for our kennel. I can’t imagine I would ever consider another brand.

Favorite Products

Our kennel relies on the HoundHunter 3225, we run six hounds on this system. The small collar size works great on our beagle hounds. We also use the NoBark 6 when we have a kennel barker.


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