Each year, we set aside a percentage of corporate profits to use for making charitable donations to qualifying organizations. We welcome your application for product donations, below.

Eligibility Requirements

Product donations are reserved for organizations that promote hunting and conservation, shooting sports, dog trialing and training, K9 and military, wildlife habitat improvement, or youth education.

Donation requests must be received 90 days in advance of the event. Donations will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Because of the number of requests we receive, we will only contact you if your request has been approved.

Before you start your application, make sure you have the following documents and information:
  • Brief history of your organization
  • Your organization’s geographical area of service
  • Summary of how product(s) will be used
  • Explanation of how SportDOG Brand® will be promoted
  • Summary of the program/project, highlighting who will benefit from our donation

Project Contact Information

Request Information

While we can’t guarantee you’ll receive the product(s) you’ve requested, your details will help us in determining what should be sent.

Additional Information

Please answer the questions below to help us better understand your organization, and how our product(s) will benefit your group:

Make sure your information is correct, then submit your application when you are done.

Upload Additional Information

Please use this section to upload any additional information about your organization or event, including flyers, or 501(c)(3) documentation. This information isn’t mandatory, but helpful during our decision making process.

Each file must be no larger than 2MB. Allowed filetypes: jpg, png, gif, pdf, docx, doc

Make sure your information is correct, then submit your application when you are done.

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