C9 Hip/Joint

  • Maintains healthy joints, cartilage, tendons, and synovial fluid
  • Helps the body repair after a challenging hunt
  • Prevents later health problems in aging dogs

You've landed on the support page for the C9 Hip/Joint. How can we help you?

What’s the difference between Hip/Joint and Senior Aches? How do I know when to switch my dog from the Hip/Joint formula to Senior Aches?

The Hip/Joint formula is designed to help dogs recover and heal after strenuous activity. It aids in joint and cartilage recovery and healing, to help prevent joint and arthritis pain as your dog ages. Our safe, natural Senior Aches formula won’t help an older dog recover lost cartilage, but it will help relieve pain and keep your senior dog from feeling his age.

You know your dog better than anyone. We suggest at the age of 8 switch your dog but that may vary depending upon breeds. Larger dogs may show signs of stiffness and lack of mobility at an earlier age. Watch for signs and always schedule regular Veterinarian check-ups.

I want to breed my dog. When should I discontinue use of this formula?

We believe this product to be safe for breeding females, but are awaiting more test results to confirm. To be safe, we recommend discontinuing use when you start breeding her, then pick your supplementary program back up after she has had her pups.

How many calories are in this?

15 calories per wafer.

What is the sodium content?

0mg sodium/wafer.

What is the fat content?

0% fat.

Does this product contain cholesterol?

Less than 1mg/wafer.

Can I use all of the supplements together?

These products are safe to use in combination as according to directions. Using them together is recommended for optimum performance.

Do I have to use all of the products together to achieve results?

While we do recommend the entire program for optimum overall performance, each individual formula has benefits for your dog. If there are specific issues you wish to address, we can recommend the appropriate formula. View our explanation of what each supplement does, or contact us to ask a specific question.

Can I feed my dog a supplement instead of his meal?

No, these supplements are intended for intermittent or supplemental use only and should not replace your do’s normal food. These supplements are designed to work best in combination with a high-quality dog food.

Are these products code-dated?

All Canine Athlete products are code dated and will have a “Best By” date on the product.

Can I use after the “Best By” date?

We do not recommend using this product after the “best by” date.

A person or other animal ate one of these products. What should I do?

Though these products are not recommended for use in humans and other animals, these are human-grade materials. Go ahead and call your doctor or other healthcare provider in case of overdose.

My dog ate the wrapper. What do I do?

Your dog should not experience any problems, but we suggest you contact your veterinarian to be safe.

My dog had a Canine Athlete product and vomited/had diarrhea. Why?

This is extremely rare, and could be caused by a number of situational factors. It is always best to consult your veterinarian in these circumstances, especially if symptoms are worsening.

What is the shelf life of Canine Athlete Products?

C9 SENIOR ACHES, C9 HIP/JOINT, C9 PERFORMANCE VITAMINS, C9 DIGESTIVE ENZYMES and C9 HYDRATION all have a shelf life of 3 years. The C9 PERFORMANCE BAR has a shelf life of 2 years.

Do these supplements contain preservatives?

No. Our products are all natural with no preservatives.

How should I store these products?

They should be stored in a cool, dry place, preferably out of sunlight.

Where are these products produced?

They are produced in California. Bionutraceutical produces the product and PDA Group packages them. To ensure the highest possible standards, all Canine Athlete products are manufactured in facilities that supply pharmaceutical grade products for humans.

What is AFFCO?

Although AAFCO has no regulatory authority, the Association provides a forum for the membership and industry representation to achieve three main goals:

  • Ensure consumer protection.
  • Safeguarding the health of animals and humans.
  • Providing a level playing field of orderly commerce for the animal feed industry.

These goals are achieved by developing and implementing uniform and equitable laws, regulations, standards, definitions and enforcement policies for regulating the manufacture, distribution and sale of animal feeds - resulting in safe, effective and useful feeds by promoting uniformity amongst member agencies
For more information on AFFCO, visit their website, http://www.aafco.org.

What do the ingredients of each product do?

(CA-JOINT) Hip/Joint

  • Glucosamine is a major building block for the lubricants and shock absorbing mechanisms necessary to maintain and restore healthy joint performance, increasing the dog’s years of maximum mobility.
  • Chondroitin gives cushion to cartilage helping to eliminate tears caused by dry tissue, allowing maximum longevity for active events.
  • MSM (methylsufonylmethane) enhances respiratory function allowing the dog’s digestive system to bring maximum nutrients to its body for fast recovery.

(CA-PROBIOTICS) Digestive Enzymes

  • Amylase helps turn carbohydrates into readily available energy for your working dog.
  • Lipase is an enzyme that breaks down fat into a usable energy source.
  • Cellulase properly keeps your dog regular and also assists in transferring nutrients throughout the digestive system.

(CA-HYDRATE) Hydration

  • Potassium is an essential electrolyte that contributes to heart health, changes glycogen to glucose for your dog’s needed energy, and promotes healing.
  • Sodium is a mineral needed for electrolyte replenishment. Since dogs do not sweat they do not lose as much sodium as a human so it is vital that the ration of sodium is lower than that of potassium.
  • Glycine is used by the liver for assistance in detoxification which is essential after exhaustive exercise.

(CA-LIVERBAR-12) Power Bar

  • Maltodextrin is a great source of glycogen; with proper glycogen replenishment, your dog will be able to perform at their best .
  • Whey provides a source of proteins to support muscle repair and recovery.
  • Vitamins provide essential nutrients that your dog’s body requires in order to function normally.

(CA-ACHES) Senior Aches

  • White willow bark is an all-natural product that has been used for centuries for aches and reduction and easing of stiffness, sore muscles, and joints due to age.
  • Glucosamine is a major building block for the lubricants and shock absorbing mechanisms necessary to maintain and restore healthy joint performance, increasing the dog’s years of maximum mobility.
  • Vitamin C helps fight infections helping increase your dog’s health , wellbeing and quality of life.

(CA-VITAMIN) Vitamins

  • Niacin is a B vitamin that helps maintain healthy skin and nerves.
  • Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, is an antioxidant that promotes healthy teeth and gums.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D work together in the body to maintain bone health.
How do Canine Athlete Supplements react with other medications and herbal programs my dog may be on?

We always recommend consulting your veterinarian before beginning a supplement program if your dog is on prescribed drugs.

What if my dog is lactose intolerant or cannot have calcium? Can he have all of these products?

Always check with your veterinarian if you dog has special dietary needs.

Do Canine Athlete products have GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms)?

No, Canine Athlete products are made from 100% natural ingredients.

Is there sugar in Canine Athlete products?

There is no processed sugar in any Canine Athlete product. C9 HYDRATION does contain Maltodextrin, which is a glycogen source.

Do Canine Athlete products contain any hormones?

No, Canine Athlete products are made from 100% natural ingredients containing no hormones.

Do Canine Athlete products contain monosodium glutamate?

No, Canine Athlete products are made from 100% natural ingredients containing no monosodium glutamate.

My dog is on a low protein diet. Can he have Canine Athlete Products?

Yes, your dog can take all Canine Athlete products even if he/she is on a low protein diet.

My dog has a urinary tract infection (UTI). Can he still have Canine Athlete Products?

Always consult your veterinarian before beginning a Canine Athlete regimen if your dog has special health needs/conditions.

Can my dog overdose on these products?

Since these are all natural products, it is highly unlikely that your dog would be able to ingest enough to overdose. If, for some reason, you suspect your dog has ingested a large amount, watch for vomiting and contact your veterinarian immediately.

My dog has liver or kidney problems. Should he have Canine Athlete products?

Consult your veterinarian before starting a Canine Athlete regimen if your dog has any pre-existing health problems or conditions.

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