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Setup Step 5: Add Your Dog

The TEK™ SERIES Location and Training System allows you to track up to 12 dogs with purchase of additional GPS Collars, or GPS Collars with E-Collar Modules. After a collar has been paired to the Handheld Device, you must add the dog to the system. You must repeat this procedure for each dog that you want to work with the system.


  1. From the main menu, select SETTINGS > MY DOGS > ADD A DOG. A screen labeled DOG n appears where n is the next
  2. available number of the dog.
  3. To enter the dog’s name, select CHANGE NAME. A text entry screen displays. Select Clr and press ENTER (bottom-right button) to clear the name. Use the arrow keys to select letters to enter a new name. Select  to complete the new name.
  4. Assign a collar to this dog by selecting COLLAR. Use the arrow keys to select the color matching the desired collar from the previously paired collars.
  5. Once a collar is assigned to the new dog, you are ready to track and train this dog. Press BACK to return to the main menu.

Congratulations! At this point, your TEK SERIES Location and Training System is ready for field use.


Before the TEK™ SERIES Handheld Device can show your current location and the location of your dog(s), both units must acquire a GPS signal fix.

NOTE: Acquiring a GPS signal fix can take several minutes.

  1. Go outdoors to an open area with a clear view of the sky.
  2. Once you are outdoors, turn the Handheld Device and GPS Collar with E-Collar Module on. The “Waiting for Lock” message will display until a good GPS fix is acquired. On the Handheld Device, the GPS Fix Indicator  displays when GPS fix is achieved. The GPS Indicator Light on the collar will single blink every 3 seconds when it has a GPS lock.
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