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My Handheld Device conflicts with another similar handheld device.

The Handheld Device uses an ID value to distinguish it from other Handheld Devices. This ID is factory set and for most users will never need attention. The only reason to change the GPS or E-Collar channel is if there is outside interference (other than radios in the area) causing communication problems. If this occurs, go to the main menu on your Handheld Device. Select SETTINGS>COMMUNICATION>USER ID. Press the up or down arrow to select a user ID number from 1-100. (The User ID value is a number from 0-100 that is used to alter the actual ID value that the Handheld Devices uses for communication. A value of 0 is used to revert back to the factory set ID). Press the right arrow to confirm your selection. At the prompt "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO CONTINUE?" select YES. You ID has now been changed. Press BACK to return the the main screen. You will now need to repair your collar(s) to your Handheld Device.

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