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My dog is not responding when I press the STIM button.

  • First, check to make sure that the E-Collar module has been turned on, that the E-Collar Module is enabled and that it is delivering stimulation. Turn the E-Collar Module on. It should beep 1-5 times and the light should come on green if it is turned on. Then, verify that the collar is paired to the Handheld. Do this from the main menu. Select SETTINGS> MY COLLARS. Press the up or down arrows to select the collar you are working with. Press the right arrow to open the configuration window. Make sure that there is a Y beside E-COLLAR. If there is an N, the E-Collar was not paired. Press the right arrow to enable the E-Collar. You will then need to pair the E-Collar to the device.
  • If the E-Collar is enabled, verify it is delivering stimulation by using the Test Light included in your kit. With the E-Collar module turned on, hold the Test Light Contacts to the Contact Points, then press a Stimulation Button on the Handheld Device. The Test Light will flash to show it is delivering stimulation. If the Test Light does not flash, recharge the battery and re-test. If the test light still does not flash, contact Customer Care at (800)732-0144.
  • If the E-Collar Module is on, E-Collar Module is enabled and the E-Collar module is delivering stimulation, but your dog is still not responding, make sure the contact points are snugly against your dog's skin. The strap should allow only one of your fingers to fit between the strap and your dog's neck. You may need to switch to longer contact points for the best connection.
  • If you are still not getting a good connection, you may need to trim the hair in the area of the contact points. Never shave the dog's neck; this may lead to rash or infection.
  • If you have achieved snug contact and the dog is still not responding, you may need to increase the stimulation level. Incrementally increase the stim level until you notice a slight change of behavior that tells you your dog is feeling the stimulation.
  • Your dog may also be out of range for stimulation. Many factors can impact your range including terrain, weather, vegetation and transmissions from other radio devices. If your range has reduced from the first time you used it, please check to see if the battery is low in either the Handheld Device or E-Collar module. If you notice your operating time dropping to about half the original time, your E-Collar Module battery needs to be replaced. Contact our Customer Care Center at (800)732-0144.
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