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Menu Options

When you power on the Handheld Device or press the BACK button, the main menu displays. The main menu provides the following options:
DOG TRACKING: Views the location of your dogs and way points in relation to you
DOG TRAINING: Send stimulations to command dogs while training or hunting
DOG LIST: Suspend or resume tracking of a particular dog, and set the order of the dogs
STATUS: View a list of all dogs and their current status
COMPASS: View the electronic compass for navigation
SETTINGS: Change configuration for dogs, collars, units, time, display, and other settings
WAY POINTS: Add, change, or remove way points from the system
SET A START POINT: Set a way point to your starting location
ABOUT: View name, ID number and software/hardware version of your Handheld Device


The following terms are used throughout this manual:
SELECT: Move the highlighted area on the screen up, down, left, or right with the respective arrow keys on the Menu Selection Pad to select individual menu items. A selected item is highlighted in orange.
BACK: Press the BACK button on the top right side of the Handheld Device to go to the previous menu.
FIELD: The location on a page where data can be entered.
ENTER: Press the Tracking/Training Toggle button in a text entry field to select a highlighted character.

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